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17 Justin Bieber GIFs That Will Turn Anyone Into A Belieber


OMG I WORE PURPLE TO HIS CONCERT MAYBE HE SAW ME WHEN I BLEW A KISS TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#Imagine you are leaving the house about to run errands, Justin grabs your wrist and says: "Can I have a goodbye kiss?" You nod and give him a quick kiss on the lips walking toward the door. Justin: "Hey one more? That was nothing." You: "Justin I need to go." Justin:


Every one needs to stop hating on him he just wants to have fun like everyone else everyone does stupid crap when their young y'all just wanna call him out because he's famous lay off all the paparazzi just try's to make him look bad true fans stand by him no matter what love you Justin <3


Justin Bieber and leggy Hailey Baldwin depart St. Barts

Close: The cosy pair went all out to mark the final night of 2015, with Hailey sharing an Instagram snap of herself tenderly pressing her lips against the nape of Justin's neck