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Justin Trudeau Weed


Politician-Inspired Smoking Papers

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The Effects of Marijuana on Your Brain & Body

Marijuana has been legalized in two US states including Colorado, and Washington, and Justin Trudeau began speaking to the cause this year as well. With the seemingly growing social acceptability of recreational marijuana use, should also be the growing knowledge of what marijuana does when it enters your body to make you feel ‘high’. Many times I have heard the argument of whether or not marijuana is a drug.

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Justin Trudeau's Battle for Legal Weed in Canada Is Going to Be a Total Mess

Newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly promised to "legalize, regulate, and restrict" access to marijuana for recreational use in Canada, making it the first nation to do so.

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Justin Trudeau Refuses to Stop Giving Canadians Criminal Records Over Weed

Justin Trudeau Refuses to Stop Giving Canadians Criminal Records Over Weed | VICE | Canada

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Canadian Cops Just Flipped Justin Trudeau the Bird and Raided Three Weed Shops

The bust comes as the Trudeau government readies to legalize the drug outright over the coming years, according to the prime minister’s own estimate.

As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau moves ahead with legalizing pot, liquor stores across the country are racing to get a slice of the profitable marijuana market. First, came the province of British Columbia, where liquor retailers have teamed up with unionized workers in the public system to call for weed to be sold in liquor outlets. Then, Manitoba’s Premier, Greg Selinger, expressed an interest in getting pot into the government-run liquor stores in his province.


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Doug Ford Says Justin Trudeau Can't Lead Because He Smoked Weed