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The Bald Eagle mainly eats fish like Salmon and Catfish. Description from…

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Bald Eagles staring each other down at Upper Mississippi Wildlife & Fish Refuge. Located in four states along the Mississippi River -- Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois -- the refuge is bordered by steep wooded bluffs that rise 100 to 600 feet above the river valley. The Mississippi River corridor and refuge offer scenic beauty and productive fish and wildlife habitat unmatched in the heart of America. Photo of a mature and juvenile Bald Eagle by Stan Bousson, USFWS.

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Golden Eagle - Adult Similar to juvenile Bald Eagle but smaller-headed. No white on underwings. Golden/blonde nape distinctive. Holds wings up at slight angle while soaring. © B.N. Singh, Blackwater NWR, Maryland, January 2010

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Juvenile Bald Eagle with a Fish

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