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Sultan Muhammad Adil bin Tughluq Shah, conquered the Kakatiya dynasty, a South Indian dynasty that ruled over Telugu-speaking territories roughly corresponding to present day Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, by defeating King Pratapa Rudra when his capital Warangal was besieged in 1323 CE


Rudrama Devi: was a ruler of the Kakatiya dynasty in the Deccan Plateau. She was one of the very few women to rule in Indian history and promoted a male image in order to do so.: began her rule of the Kakatiya kingdom jointly with her father, Ganapatideva, as his co-regent, from 1261-62. Though Rudrama Devi assumed full sovereignty in 1263,she was not the crowned queen until her father died in 1269. Her nomination and ascension to the throne was not entirely accepted; indeed, some people had…

Ruins of kakatiya dynasty

Ruins of the Kakatiya Kala Thoranam (Warangal Gate).

The 400-year-old majestic and imposing Golconda Fort was built by the Kakatiya dynasty in the 13th century. For more read the article