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    India, (Khajuraho Temple of Love) " these extraordinary Indian sculptures we discover that beauty, grace, rhythm, and form are essential to sex, and that they reveal the potential in sex for spirituality." ~ Thomas Moore, The Soul of Sex

    Malika Favre | Handsome Frank Illustration Agency... pretty neat-o figure-ground

    May we honor the divine in the holy and sacred space in each other and bow to that which is ourselves as we dissolve our selves into infinity and love.

    Indian Miniature Painting Mughal Princess Handmade Watercolor Mogul Portrait Art

    Lovers (Mithuna), 1000s India, Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho, Medieval period, Candella dynasty, 11th century, sandstone.

    Tantra and complete spiritual joining uses sacred geometry within the Chakra systems.

    One of the first version of the cover designed by Malika Favre for the new Penguin Deluxe edition of the Kama Sutra

    The Kama Sutra Alphabet Le Kama Sutra Alphabet est un projet personnel de l’illustratrice française basée à Londres, Malika Favre. Reprenant visuellement chaque lettre de l’alphabet en utilisant des couples en pleine union, des impressions sont présentées du 18 au 28 avril à la Somerset House de Londres.

    If you want to reach him you have to go beyond yourself, And when you finally arrive at the land of absence, Be silent. Don’t say a thing... Ecstasy, not words, is the language spoken there” ~ Rumi ♥ Art by Irina Vitalievna Karkabi

    Sensual Relationship African American Artwork | KamaSutra : A Sanskrit treatise setting forth rules for sensuous and ...

    Glow in the Dark Henna Kit - Mehndi, bridal, gift for her, cool, teens, girlfriend, geek, rave, birthday