"... what if we were to consider the changing trees as a sacred text where the Holy One is revealed to us in new ways each season? What if we followed the invitation of each season - spring's emerging, summer's fullness, autumn's release, and winter's rest?" ~ water, wind, earth & fire - Praying with the Elements by Christine Valters Paintner ♥♥ Beautiful Artwork by Lauri Blank

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Indian Miniature Painting Handmade Lady of Love Watercolor Ethnic Wall Decor Art

"If you want to reach him you have to go beyond yourself, And when you finally arrive at the land of absence, Be silent. Don’t say a thing... Ecstasy, not words, is the language spoken there.” ~Rumi (Art by Irina Vitalievna Karkabi) ..*

<3 Kakashi - by KejaBlank, DeviantArt. Yes Kakashi. That's what all fan girls were looking at. Your 'weapons'.

Oh my Beloved, we are joined in a most sacred form, as Lover and Beloved. We have danced, this Divine Dance, a thousand times, in a thousand forms. Each time, only to remind us of the Infinite Love that shines through us and as Us. We bask and bathe in the most radiant rays of the Divine God/Goddess ~ Words by Wings of Grace <3 Beautiful Art by Michael Parkes ~

Tantra love Tantra is the name given by recent scholars to a style of meditation and ritual which arose in India no later than the 5th century AD.

irene rinaldi

Because this is so cute, and follows the theme of art on here this far

One of my all time favorites. Strong warrior type woman, however her heart is completely vulnerable...

FLOWERING SHAKTI, 2015, acrylic colours, gold leafs on canvas 50 x 50 cm FineArt-Printa available: http://www.diegoettin.com/CMS/pages/shop.php

Indian Miniature Painting Mughal Princess Handmade Watercolor Mogul Portrait Art

A Japanese carving - netsuke - of an old couple in an intimate embrace - probably carved in ivory.

Manara Blue 10 (Limited Edition Print) (Signed) art by Milo Manara Archive at The Illustration Art Gallery

Black and white erotic bedroom art print. Lovers by siret on Etsy

What is a Twin Flame? by LIORA © http://www.twinflame1111.com A Twin Flame is NOT a concept. It is DIVINE TRUTH!! The SACRED Twin Flame Reunion is the Divine truth of Creation. It is naturally...