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A very graphic history of humanity... Quite sad to see the truth of our war-like nature... Artist; Milo Manara

We are the roots and tangled branches of the same mystic oak tree... tangled and entwined. In between love and declaration. A heart beat on the rhythm of our breathing, our blood towards the presence of our leaves. Giving shelter to all living souls in need. ~ Twin Flame love, a true definition.

kantha, a traditional form of handwork from rural India and Bangladesh that encompass a wide range of designs that use only the running stit...

This would make a cool lining on a jacket

The Kama Sutra Cover Art Inspires Full Typographic Alphabet Prints and Animated Teaser malika favre

My Kolam: Floral jewels pattern

Mini book tutorial. It's in Russian, but with very detailed photography

What is a Twin Flame? by LIORA © www.twinflame1111... A Twin Flame is NOT a concept. It is DIVINE TRUTH!! The SACRED Twin Flame Reunion is the Divine truth of Creation. It is naturally...

"Nursing" by Alex Grey The bonding of mother and child is a miraculous outpouring of unobstructed love channeled through the mortal coil. Nursing is the physical bond of nourishment – mother is the first meal, she is the key to life. Between mother and child, there are also bio-electromagnetic bonds, emotional and psychic bondings, and ultimately the spiritual bond that brought them together.

2 Carrying a Phallus No ambiguity about this woman’s status: she is a prostitute. But what is she carrying? A comically exaggerated dildo? The eye near top of phallus, intended to ward off evil. Such items were well known in ancient Greece. The purchase of a red leather dildo by 2 ladies is the subject of two poems discovered on a papyrus in Egypt 1891. Victorian scholars tied themselves in knots trying to persuade each other that the object in question was a bodice, a hat, or a shoe.

ESTOCADO — e-stocado: Xavier Veilhan

Bohyun Yoon’s sculptural installation entitled Unity is absolutely mind-blowing. Yoon suspends mangled silicon body parts from a flat surface, casting shadows that create incredibly detailed silhouettes. Upon taking closer look, however, viewers will notice that the shadows aren’t exactly safe for work. Unity, indeed.

New Sumi Works on Paper “空 Ku”

Museum of Sex poster by Matthew Heckart. Minimalist

Malika Favre’s best advice for aspiring and young illustrators — Kuvva Blog

Lock and Key United by Kevin Williams (WAK) 24"x32" Art Print Poster African-American by Bruce Teleky,

The Pictorial Arts: Indian Myth & Legend

India, khajuraho, Northern style Hindu temple