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The Kama Sutra Cover Art Inspires Full Typographic Alphabet Prints and Animated Teaser malika favre

African American Love Art | Thread: SOME AFRICAN AMERICAN SIG ART...

This would make a cool lining on a jacket

The Pictorial Arts: Indian Myth & Legend

Museum of Sex poster by Matthew Heckart. Minimalist

Today's word is, "Divine." No past, no future, no ego, no wounds. Just me and thee and the innate divine spark that thrills to express.

2 Carrying a Phallus No ambiguity about this woman’s status: she is a prostitute. But what is she carrying? A comically exaggerated dildo? The eye near top of phallus, intended to ward off evil. Such items were well known in ancient Greece. The purchase of a red leather dildo by 2 ladies is the subject of two poems discovered on a papyrus in Egypt 1891. Victorian scholars tied themselves in knots trying to persuade each other that the object in question was a bodice, a hat, or a shoe.

Kama Sutra by Malika Favre. Published by Penguin books. Art direction by Paul Buckley. www.malikafavre.c...

Looks like Zen Tangle Paisley Designs CD-ROM and Book

My Kolam: Floral jewels pattern

"Nursing" by Alex Grey The bonding of mother and child is a miraculous outpouring of unobstructed love channeled through the mortal coil. Nursing is the physical bond of nourishment – mother is the first meal, she is the key to life. Between mother and child, there are also bio-electromagnetic bonds, emotional and psychic bondings, and ultimately the spiritual bond that brought them together.

Tantra love Tantra is the name given by recent scholars to a style of meditation and ritual which arose in India no later than the 5th century AD.

"Sex has to become a great meditative art. That's the contribution of Tantra to the world. Tantra's contribution is the greatest, because it give you keys to transform the lowest into the highest. It gives you keys to transform mud into lotuses." ~ Osho

Tantra and complete spiritual joining uses sacred geometry within the Chakra systems.

Kama Sutra Project - Malika Favre

When you meet your Twin Flame it is such uniqueness and beauty of heart and soul awakening. Now with this deeper soul awareness and understanding , you can feel with your hearts, rather than think with your minds, beyond limitation, and therefore begin to understand yourself as a soul more and what your true purpose is.

gorgeous illustration by graphic designer Malika Favre for Penguin Classics Kama Sutra

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