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Use the Golden Ratio For Stellar Photo Composition

Composition is king. Learn all about the golden ratio, Fibonacci/golden spiral, and phi grid. Then put your new knowledge to work and make some great pics, smarty pants.

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Fototipps - Wie stelle ich meine Kamera manuell ein?

Fototipps am Freitag - Wie stelle ich meine Kamera manuell ein? • Pech & Schwefel

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Simple Aperture Settings Chart to Keep Everyone in Focus - Understanding Aperture in 3 Quick & Easy Steps!

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My online guide, full of personal insights and experiences with the Nikon D3200, organized into an easy-to-understand resource packed with tips, tricks and recommended settings.

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Exposure Lock (AE-L Button) : How to Use the Exposure Lock

Exposure Lock (AE-L Button) is the abbreviation stands for Automatic Exposure Lock. It is useful using automatic and semi-automatic shooting modes.

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