The different styles / systems of Karate: Part-I, The earliest systems - Martial Arts Planet

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Past Play I: In the past I have trained very hard. I wanted to be a fighter. I trained in a a full contact karate style known as KYUKUSHIN karate for many years. In karate you are a kinesthete primarily. You learn how to condition your mind and body to move in a disciplined fashion through bodily repetition. When sparring I often get lost in the act. I personally experience diminished consciousness of self and enter a zen like state. When Im losing its a bit of a different story.

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Check out my latest article for more karate info. Read about Karate styles and their specific particularities

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Karate Balloon Guy by

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Gi favor bags Catching Some Z!: Guess what? Zayd had a karate party, and you've never seen it

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