The Carpenters, Karen and Richard. For high school graduation prom. The theme song was "close to you"

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Karen Carpenter sings Ave Maria..Original pinner writes.."Best version of the song ever. Simple and beautiful. The orchestration is amazing, and then there's the voice". Yep..she was great! She died thirty years ago today 2/4/1983. May your memory be Eastern Orthodox prayer for the dead! Caption by Mary Mary's Market~~

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The Carpenters were such a part of my teen years. Many an angst filled moment I spent in my room listening and singing along. Karen was an alto like me and I loved their gentle music. While other teens were blasting out their ears with rock and roll, I had my kind and gentle Carpenters.

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Karen Carpenter, 1950-1983 She had the best voice. I still sing along to her music. A Mid West girl who made it big and was pressured to lose weight. (She must have been a size 6 at the most.) You're missed Karen!

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the real karen carpenter story told through the reenactment of events in karen's life by barbie dolls and mixed media features insights into the affliction o...

Karen Carpenter 1950-1983 (Age 32) Died from heart failure - One of the best singers of all time. She had a voice like no one else. Love to listen to her anytime but especially at Christmas. You are still missed Karen. RIP

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