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Children of God/The Family publication, "The Humble Prophetess". In this publication (dated 1980), David Berg predicts a future when Karen Zerby ("Mama Maria") and Ricky Rodriguez ("Davidito") will be Prophets who speak to all the peoples of the world. As Ricky Rodriguez committed murder-suicide, and The Family is the cult-equivalent of radioactive waste, if I were Karen Zerby, I wouldn't hold my breath.

from Warriors Without Borders

Who is Karen Zerby? (Also known as: Maria Fontaine, Mama Maria, Maria, Maria David, Maria Berg, Queen Maria)

Karen Zerby is definitely a controversial character, who has been the recipient of a lot of negative media reports in recent times. In my personal opinion, many of these negative reports have not b...

This nice-looking lady is Karen Zerby, a leading light of the Family International or the Children of God, a global cult that uses children as sex toys. Zerby may have had sex with her son, who definitely grew up to kill a woman in a murder-suicide scene.


A picture of Karen Zerby ("Mama Maria"), current leader of The Children of God/The Family/The Family International, taken in 1970. Karen "Maria" Zerby believes she was one of Jesus' favourite lovers in a pre-existence, and that she was sent to Earth so the World (and especially the Family) could "partake in her beauty and purity". Ok-ayyy, then...

David Berg and family in 1961 before starting The Family. David Berg married his first wife, Jane Miller (known as "Mother Eve" in the Children of God), on 22 July 1944 in Glendale, California. They had four children together: Linda, Paul, Jonathan, and Faithy.


Ricky Rodriguez Religious Cult Victim: The suicide of a young man and the murder he committed before he killed himself are being blamed on a cult led by his mother. Former member Davida Kelley told CNN, "I actually witnessed Karen Zerby having intercourse with her own son, Rick Rodriguez, at age 11." Kelley says she, too, had been abused by Berg, starting at age 5. "You were only required to have actual intimate intercourse with David Berg once you were, like, the mature age of, like, 12,"…

This lovely little boy was the son of Karen Zerby and grew up in the same house at David Berg. Having been sexually abused his entire childhood he finally, as an adult, killed the woman who had been his nanny for a time and then blew his own brains out. So much for the 'Children of God' cult!