Actress, model, businesswoman and mother, Kate Hudson shares her diet and reveals her ideal week of clean food.

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Kate Hudson Diet Plan Overview Just a few short years ago actress Kate Hudson tipped the scales at 70 lbs. overweight after giving birth to her second son. She faced the problem many women i…

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​What do Cameron, Jennifer, Gwyneth, and Kate all have in common? A lot—​it turns out.

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Fabletics founder Kate Hudson has shared the piece of at-home gym kit that keeps her bum toned and lifted - the booty band.

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Kate Hudson's Diet Secrets: The Star Swears by a High-Alkaline Diet| Diet & Fitness, Bodywatch, Kate Hudson

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The low-acid alkaline diet is a regimen celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson swear by. We thought we’d see what all the fuss is about and plug the alkaline expert – Dr. Daryl – to get a top-to-bottom guide to it. Check out this eat-this-not-that guide to going alkaline from Dr. Daryl… Dr. Daryl’s Alkaline Diet Guide: As a doctor, I have always made it my mission to discover why some of my patients were so full of energy, healthy, and fit, and why others were…

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Get 20 grams of protein packed power from ProYo to get you through your workout of the day! Whether it's yoga, cross fit, or cardio, ProYo has you covered!

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