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And here is the design of the entire homepage. It doesn't really fit size-wise into this pin but it might give you an idea. Designed by Katia Ivanova.

needu's first "face" to the world. It will constantly evolve, change and grow as we all do, but this is how it will start. Designed by Katia Ivanova.

From Ronnie Wood’s girlfriend to a glamour model: Katia Ivanova’s descent down the fame ranks comes to an abrupt end

Off the radar: Katia Ivanova covers ZOO magazine in her first topless shoot


Ron Wood's ex Katia Ivanova poses topless, spills on what went wrong with May-December romance ~ Latest Fox News


I do Ron Ron

Ron's marriage No2 Jo Howard, 1985-2009. One of Ronnie’s mistresses during his first marriage was Woolworth shop worker Jo Howard. The pair wed in 1985 and had two kids — but he left her in 2008 for cocktail waitress Katia Ivanova, 24. They divorced in 2009.