This recipe has been slightly tweaked from one by Katsuyo Kobayashi, Japans favourite TV cooking show host and an Iron Chef winner. It is so easy to make, but to ensure plenty of flavour, use the best quality tomatoes you can get. If possible, make it ahead and refrigerate for at least an hour to let the flavours blend. This doesnt seem to keep well, so eat it the day you make it.

豚肉・大根のねぎみそ煮 buta niku daikon no negi misoni KNR Kobayashi Katsuyo 2015/2/24

Huge meat ball by Honda, apprentice to Kobayashi Katsuyo でっかい肉だんごの春野菜煮 2016年3月31日 [NHKあさイチ]でっかい肉だんごの春野菜煮

Iron Chef Winner s Japanese Pan-Fried Chicken from A recipe from Katsuyo Kobayashi, and her book "Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook". She was one of two female chefs to defeat Iron Chef Chen Kenichi, and is also considered to be Japan's favorite TV cooking show host.

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Iron Chef Winner s Japanese-Style Hamburgers A recipe from Katsuyo Kobayashi and her book "Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook". She defeated Iron Chef Chen Kenichi on the popular Food Network t.v. show "Iron Chef". Kobayashi-san claims she can make anyone into an Iron Chef! :)

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Just Hungry katsuyo kobayashi 1937 -2014

The Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook: Great Recipes from Japan's Favorite TV Cooking Show Host

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あれもこれもみそで みそ豚 aremo koremo miso de buta don KNR 2015/2/26 Kobayashi Katsuyo easy easy easy

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