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Katy Perry Wants Kids With or Without a Man: "I Don't Need a Dude"

Katy Perry plans to have children-- with or without a man. "I don't need a dude," Perry tells Rolling Stone. "It's 2014! We are living in the future; we don't need anything." PREACH IT HOMEGIRL

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Katy Perry talks confidence and beauty secrets in an exclusive interview. | Read more at H&M Life

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In an interview with Katy Perry I heard years ago, they asked her if she was in love with her ex and she replied " I fall in love with every man I'm with " . When I heard that I didn't get it. But now I get it and think I'm the same. It's not hard for me to fall in love. If I am attracted to someone, admire them, have a similar lifestyle, they make me laugh and make me feel special and appreciated I really fall in love. I'm not really grey. I either really REALLY like you which turns into…

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Katy Perry. When there's nothing left to give I will give you more than I ever gave before When there's nothing left left to say I'll say it all again, but until then...

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Awesome Exclusive Interview With Katy Perry's 'E.T.' Makeup Artist: Kabuki!

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The Story Behind This Incredible Photo Of A Monkey Using An iPhone

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