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Squee With Delight at These Bouncing Sushi GIFs

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I realize i have that same crown pen :ooo lolz

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Rowlet by Silverfox5213

Sensu and Uchiwa are the two main kinds of hand-held fans in Japan! Asides from keeping you cool in summer, they are also used for ceremonies and decorations. (*^。^*)

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YanSim fanart. Funny jokes.

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⛱⛱卯三郎こけし ドラえもん ⛱ドラミちゃんDORAEMAN & DORAMI / NOBY More Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest⛱⛱

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Pick one must name to adopt. I have the fox. 8/9 gone -white cat is gone -fox is gone - panda gone - raccoon gone - bear gone - puppy gone - chinchilla gone

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