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This pin describes a small part of very basics of Kazakh language. How to ask about the items, how to correct the answer.


gyalog – явган – jalan – yayan – жаяу – by foot; on foot #Hungarian #Mongolian #Finnish #Turkish #Kazakh #language

The Kazakh language uses the Cyrillic script, but Dutch-born linguist Allard Jongman is helping this oil-rich former Soviet state switch to the Latin Alphabet.

Sotsijaldy Qazaqstan, A Kazakh language newspaper in Latin script from 1937. Published in Almaty, Kazakh SSR, USSR


1864 Russification in the Caucasus. Russification continues in modern day Kazakhstan where more people understand Russian than their own Kazakh language


There is a unique word in Kazakh language- "base". It means :" Аh that's it, and I thought", which mostly represents the wonder.