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Liked on YouTube: Kazuo Hirai Sony CEO Press Presentation At CES 2017 #CES2017

Liked on YouTube: Kazuo Hirai Sony CEO Talks Life Space UX At CES 2017 #CES2017

Sony cambia CEO: arriva Kazuo Hirai Sony cambia CEO: il posto di Howard Stringer sara' preso, a partire dal prossimo mese di aprile, da Kazuo Hirai, gia' figura di spicco del gruppo.

Fears, hopes grow for Sony under CEO Kazuo Hirai

Sony will shed 10,000 jobs over the next 12 months as part of a major reorganization, company’s CEO Kazuo Hirai has announced. Read more:

Howard Stringer cede controlo da Sony a Kazuo Hirai

CES 2015: Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai condemns vicious cyber attack Read more: Follow us: @bellenews on Twitter | bellenewscom on Facebook

Sony Half of PS4 owners have PlayStation Plus - PS4 owners, come and sit with us. Everyone here? Good. Now, look to the person on your left. According to statements from Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai in a corporate strategy meeting,