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The Civil War by Ken Burns. I would say this was probably my fav class I took in college (online). Tremendous documentary but then again all of his stuff is great!


The Roosevelts: An Intimate History. (Teddy, Eleanor and Franklin). I am really looking forward to this documentary. Fall 2014.


The Civil War Part One PBS Ken Burns I DO NOT OWN THIS. It is a powerful clip from one of the great masters of modern American documentary film, Ken Burns. This is the final segment of Part 1 of The Civil War, entitled "Honorable Manhood." It features a dramatic reading of the majority of an incredible letter home written by Union Army Major Sullivan Ballou. Enjoy.


The Civil War a documentary by Ken Burn's narrated by Shelby Foote. This is a documentary masterpiece. Shelby Foote is my Civil War hero...I wish I could have met him...

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