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Ken Livingstone quotes #openquotes

Party Election Broadcast 2012 by Ken Livingstone, for London Major

Ken Livingstone seen after being suspended by Labour

Boris Johnson's indifference to pollution is killing us | Ken Livingstone -

Image copyright Getty Images The UK Labour Party has been at the centre of a row over anti-Semitism, including its relationship to anti-Zionism. What do these terms actually mean? Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was suspended from Labour following a series of remarks about Israel, including the suggestion that Hitler supported Zionism before the Holocaust. It follows the suspension of Bradford West MP Naz Shah after it emerged she had

PR Projects | Sarah Hardy - ODEON popcorn Created for the newly refurbished Odeon Cinema in Streatham, celebrating local celebrities. Naomi Campbell, Sarah Beeny, Ken Livingstone, Chuka Umunna and Paul Merton.

Ken Livingstone on Corbynomics and Chuka's reverse ferret

Ken Livingstone’s crumbling Labour flank