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The Leaning Tower Of Potatoes – Growing Potatoes Vertically

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Dates for When to Plant a Vegetable Garden


kennebec potatoes! The "Kennebec" potato is making quite an imprint on the culinary world... potato-wise. The days of 'just use any old potato' for french fries are gone, and finer restaurants are switching over to the Kennebec for a variety of reasons and for many kinds of dishes. Perennial in Zones 3 - 9.


Excellent, all purpose potato. Widely adapted, fast growing plants do best when planted at 8-10" spacing to avoid overly-large tubers. High yields of round to oblong tubers that store well, with buff skin and white flesh. Resistant to potato virus A and potato virus Y; moderate resistance to potato virus S, potato virus X, blackleg, and foliage late blight. Organically grown.


Citrus Collection (Indoor oranges, limes, lemons and tangerines) 16.99; Everbearing Strawberry Collection (75 plants) 17.99; Biztro Shallots 1lb 12.99; 3 Pawpaw trees 8.29; 40 Kennebec Potato Sets 9.49; 1lb Banana Fingerling Potatoes 6.99; 25 Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes 18.99

The "Claudette." House-baked multi-grain bread -- slathered with whole grain mustard, packed with thinly shaved speck, melted raclette, sliced Kennebec potatoes, shallots, chives and cornichons.