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This picture is the University of Kentucky's mascot. As a little boy I was raised a cat fan. I'll always bleed blue until I die. This pin is what got me interested in sports. The first sport I was introduced to was Kentucky Basketball and ever since then my love for sports has grown. Weather it be collegiate or professional my life evolves around sports. Weather it be as a little kid learning to play the game or watching it. My love for sports will never fade away.

from DilyDalee

Infinity Love Kentucky Basketball Bracelet BOGO

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10 Signature Drinks of Fictional Characters

“EMom, how do I chug a beer?” Tip your head back a bit, open your throat, and take a small breath before pouring the beer down your throat; breathe through your nose between swallows until the beer is gone, and belch triumphantly.

from Etsy

Kentucky Wildcat Fight Song Subway Art

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