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Kesha Real Name

Ke$ha is now Kesha. The singer changed her famous name, dropping the signature dollar sign as part of her post-rehab fresh start.

Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, filed a lawsuit against Kesha in New York calling the claims defamatory and saying his protégé is making them in an attempt to extort him into giving her a better recording deal.

CELEBRITIES' REAL NAMES Editors Mar 23, 2016 [§] Kesha - Kesha Rose Sebert (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic) Kesha Rosa sued her producer Dr. Luke, 15 things about Kesha Rosa. Wikimedia Commons Image Rebranding her career, the American singer, songwriter and rapper switched her name from Ke$ha to Kesha Rose. Kesha Rose Sebert is her real name. Kesha Rose is trending now on the internet for having...

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‘She Was Proving Hard to Control’: Some Background on Kesha's History With Dr. Luke

The main reason that the conflict between Kesha and Dr. Luke feels both so unbalanced (the people are seemingly on Kesha’s side, the court on Dr. Luke’s) and obscure (we wonder how anyone is arguing that an artist should work under the name of her alleged abuser, and why this conflict has been worked out in this protracted, ugly way) is that Dr. Luke, real name Lucasz Gottwald, enjoys a shroud of secrecy on his work that Kesha has never and does not. In the 12 years since he co-wrote “Since…

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Kesha's mother wins lawsuit against star's producer Dr. Luke

Messy business: In her original lawsuit against Dr. Luke, real name Luke Gottwald, Kesha alleged sexual assault, sexual harassment and emotional abuse and he countered with the defamation and breach of contract suit against her and her mother

Kesha's hair with the flower crown is gorgeous. I love flower crowns so much. They are so sweet.