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"Please share this video with everyone you know. It was designed to inspire, but also change people's mindsets towards learning. Together, as a community, we can end the myth that intellectual abilities are fixed and help our friends and families (and ourselves!) learn new things. Imagine what the world would look like if everyone knew what they were capable of and had the mindset to learn anything." Sal Khan, Khan Academy

from Tales from Outside the Classroom

6 YouTube Channels to Help you Teach Math

These 6 math Youtube Channels will help you keep students engaged in math lessons and learn the content.

from Lasso the Moon

Learning the Equations Behind Pixar Movies

Learning the Equations Behind Pixar Movies *How cool is this Khan Academy + Disney collaboration for kids?!? What a great way to make math cool.


Making It As A Middle School Teacher: Math Game Monday ~ What's My Sign? I think this would be a great beginning of the year activity as a review of integer operations.