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Devin Hester - Finally a team that allowed Devin to do what he was bred to do......RUNNNNNNN!


Who ran a kickoff return for a touchdown the first play of the superbowl? oh yeah... devin hester did.


Hymns of praise then let us sing, Unto Christ, our heavenly king, Who endured the cross & grave, Sinners to redeem & save.


Fit Friday Challenge! Repin in you're in. Add a move from Amanda Latona's own Booty Day Routine: the cable kickback! Position a bench in front of a cable station and attach the cuff above your right ankle. Extend your right leg forward, then bring it back behind you until fully extended (being careful not to hyperextend your back). Hold for 2 sec and return to start. 3 sets of 15-20 reps.


Majestic Seattle Seahawks Charcoal Kick Return Pullover Hoodie

XL. Majestic Seattle Seahawks Charcoal Kick Return Pullover Hoodie

Jumping mules! In 1949 US Army mule Hambone was kicked out of jumping competitions at horse shows. He actually won once, but had to return his ribbons due to pressure from horse owners.


Ravens roll over the Niners in the Super Bowl despite some pretty convenient power outage which caused most of the lighting to fail during a Ravens seemingly easy surge of momentum which started the second half with a Jacoby Jones kick return for a touchdown! which was followed by a Niners 4 and out i believe? so the Ravens are on fire when suddenly the lights dim and play is ordered to stop by the officials? when the Power came back so did the Niners! the Ravens Defense saved the day..