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My Buddy & Kid Sister Doll///I had the girl and Michael had the daddy even made me a song out of the comercial song for the girl, best moments!

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32 Essential Toys Every '80s Preschooler Had

Kid Sister. Your gift when you truned 3. You named her Nicky. I wish I could find her.


Kid Sister doll. One of the best "toys" of the 80s. (I didn't have one myself, but I knew people who did)


DIY Facial Pore Tightener – Kid Sister to Our ‘Mother of All Facial Peels’! | Elegant Miss

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A trip down memory lane: your favorite toys from the 80's and 90's

Good thing I didn't see Child's Play until AFTER these dolls were thrown out! LOL

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Tamarind Curd Tart

A few months ago my kid sister called.  I call her my kid sister even though she is now 27 years old, but she will always be my kid sister.  She called asking if I had any ideas for a tamarind dessert.  I quickly thought of a tamarind curd tart.  I sent her a few...