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7 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Kids

7 IDEAS TO SURPRISE YOUR KIDS - the kids will love all of these, we did #7 this morning and it was a huge hit! #sp

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How to Organize Kid's School Papers & Memorabilia

How to Organize Kid’s Papers and Memorabilia

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Teach children to tie their shoelace

Learning how to tie a shoelace

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How to Make a Nerf Spinning Target

How to Make a Nerf Spinning Target - Fun game for a Nerf birthday party! Great boredom buster too.

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17 Easy Magic Tricks That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

17 easy magic tricks that will have the kids in AWE! Wow, I remember some of these from my own childhood. Fun!

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Summer Activities for Kids Series: Indoor Activities

Kid stuff- something to do with the girls and their friends! neat.

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30 Random Acts of Kindness to Do With Your Kids

30 random acts of kindness that you can do with your kids.

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105 Weird and Wacky Holidays to Celebrate with Kids

Looking for boredom busters? Grab this list of over 100 unique holidays and find something fun to celebrate as a family! Wacky & weird holidays every month! (ad)

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Simple Living: Kid Stuff

If you are wondering if your kids have too much stuff here is a list of the essentials

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Should Kids Be Paid for Chores? » Nature Moms

I would use it as a way for them to learn how to save as well. By setting up a goal chart also for a toy, game, or bigger ticket items. They are never to young to learn how to work hard for something they want to have later.

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