See the reasons and ideas as to why we will expand our garden using kiddie pools this year. The ways to use kiddie pools to grow your garden are clever and can be done at home.

Kiddie Pool Cover - tutorial I think I'll use a darker blue fabric to help the sun heat the water for our boys.

I want to do this so bad. It would be glorious. Except, I wonder how long before the top pool begins to bend?

it may be the end of summer but I am in love with this kiddie pool.

If you having a pool party how cute is this idea for beverages. Kiddy pool and Adult Pool filled with drinks for all your guest to enjoy.

Kiddy pools as raised beds- inexpensive way to recycle old pools this makes me feel foolish for spending so much on planters...

Build a Multilevel Deck For a Kiddie Pool: Nail together four 6’ 2x6s into a square. Use a framing square to make sure all the corners are 90 degrees. Use the pool as a guide for placing the interior joists; make those out of 2x6s as well. You want it to be tight enough for the lip of the pool to rest on, but not so tight that you won’t be able to easily remove it. Nail in two joists lengthwise, and two smaller perpendicular joists to frame in the pool. From

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit with a Kiddie Pool and Cement

Kiddie Pool Kickball

Drain for kiddie pool. attach a hose and water the flowers after!!

Slip and Slide Baseball with kiddy pool bases

Camping bed

Cheap garden idea!! Kiddie pool vegetable garden. Drill holes in the bottom and sides, fill with soil, and plant! I chose the plants with the biodegradable pots to make the planting even easier!! The pool was $15, the soil was $7 a bag and I used 2. That means this takes a whopping $29 to make. Plant, water, fertilize, and watch your food grow!

Use a fitted sheet to cover the kiddie pool when not in use.

J having a mermaid pool party this year, might make these

DIY Bubble Refill Station with Homemade Bubbles Recipe from

Have your children outgrown the kiddie pool? Not sure what to do with one that's worn out? Try these kiddie pool hacks and diys to get even more use out of it!

Turn a pool noodle into the perfect Hot Wheels water play course. See how here.

This is such a fun idea for your kids. Create a sandbox with a beach feel. Add a canopy and a kiddie pool and your child will have his/her own little beach haven. See how they did at at  Wray Sist3…

Keep the kids busy with a quick and easy DIY sponge ball pool game

Huge water balloon battle

bubbles in the kiddie pool. I've done this. Great sensory and gets them clean........not to mention keep them busy!! Use baby shampoo or bubble bath so it don't sting the eyes!!!!

Giant bubble recipe for a bubble themed party - Fun and easy for any day! #bubbles #bubblerecipe #bubbleparty

DIY: kiddie pool cover || imagine gnats