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Kidnapped Girl Found

I scream as the men walk into my house, I know they've found out about my powers and the government has sent them to kidnap me. "Don't make this more difficult than it needs to be," the man snarles in my ear, slapping the tape across my mouth. I struggle to escape as they drug me so I will pass out. (Open rp, I'm the girl who's 14)


Zachary drowned in his own mind when Tamar was Possessed. Lost sight of Zachary and let Brand - lethal, lonely and mad - carve his way through a galaxy of demons.


Any other Christians see this as our wonderful Father looking out for His child in an amazingly awesome way?


Kashuu got kidnapped by geishas because he was too pretty and they originally thought he was a girl. They weren't too disappointed when they found out that he was male after all because he's still so pretty.

from Photo © Anne Soulier

marie et rose-alice ♥ SPRING-SUMMER 2013 - 1/3

I-I'm freya I'm 8, I was the girl who was kidnapped and I screamed at Sherlock I now know Sherlock isn't my kidnapper, it was someone who looked like him, Sherlock found me and explained that to me, and now since I am a orphan he and John takes care of me, doesn't really sound like something he would do but he cares, i go on some of his cases but some are to scary he says, I try to always be happy, I'm very tiny I'm only 3 feet tall...well I say 3 feet actually it's 2"11 but same…

from the Guardian

Madeleine McCann could be living with abductor, says Scotland Yard

Find Madeline - this is the little girl who was abducted while on vacation with her parents in Portugal 5 years ago, when she was 4. Scotland Yard believes she may still be alive and would look like this today. Please Re-pin so as many people as possible will see this photo and increase the chances that she will be found, or at least that new leads may be found.


** Adopted by @lexi9lou **This is Angela and she is 12. She harnesses the ability to control mist and fog. She was kidnapped at an early age but soon found again. Sadly, her parents had died, so she was transferred to the orphanage. There, she became friends with everyone. She loves to brush and braid hair. Her birthday is August 25th. Please adopt!