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Kidnapped Girl

I scream as the men walk into my house, I know they've found out about my powers and the government has sent them to kidnap me. "Don't make this more difficult than it needs to be," the man snarles in my ear, slapping the tape across my mouth. I struggle to escape as they drug me so I will pass out. (Open rp, I'm the girl who's 14)


Mysterious Fantasy Photography: Eugenio Recuenco Tells Stories Through Cinematic Captures

you got to fight to survive in my world kid


"Tell me. Just work with me. What is it like to always be chased and threatened and beaten and tortured?" "Nothing. I've dealt with it for so long that it doesn't hurt to me anymore. Pain is eternal for me, so you and everybody else in this world can chase me, threaten me, beat me, and torture me, but it will not change anything. I'll still be me, you will still be you. So you can go bitch to your mom now, because you're are most definitley not getting me to tell you anything important."


I tried to keep an eye out for Rose since I only had a vague idea of the guy who kidnapped her. I didn't understand why he chose a carnival of all places to meet. It was crowded with people. People that probably won't notice a girl go missing, especially one not from around here. (Hayley) KLK

from Tomi Adeyemi Writing Coach

Writing Prompt Wednesdays: Prompt #7

It was in that moment, that I didn't care about saving myself anymore. That would be a side bonus. I needed to save the frail, helpless, starved girl to my right. Who knew how long she had been here? "What's your name?" I ask her softly. "I-I...I don't remember..." She stammers, her voice hardly more than a whisper. "I'll call you Cara." I reply. "Cara..." She says slowly, drawing the word out. "My name will be Cara." She repeats, approving it. ((OPEN. BE HIM. ROMANCE.)) Credit…


Leatherdos: Every Tool a Girl Needs That She Can Wear on Her Hair - OhGizmo! My mom soon needs this


I haven't done anything to you, " Bernard said bluntly, staring at the clipboard." You put a little girl in the cell!!" Beau shouted and lunged at Bernard, wanting to hit him, punch him, knock him down - anything to let this anger out. Bernard's men grabbed him and left him even redder in the face as he glared at his sister's captor.


Zachary drowned in his own mind when Tamar was Possessed. Lost sight of Zachary and let Brand - lethal, lonely and mad - carve his way through a galaxy of demons.


"You don't know what its like to live in constant fear. When you have no choice…