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Mom of Missing Kayla Berg on Hoax Kidnapping Video: 'It Completely Sickens Me': The mother of a 15-year-old who went missing in 2009 says…

In Welcome to the Game, there is an option to use a mic where you need to be silent at certain points or you get kidnapped.


This is beautiful! Probably my favourite interpretation of how Corrin was introduced to Xander and Camilla, I love the third image, where Corrin/Kamui is standing with the blood of her "father" (anyone who knows of Corrin/Kamui's origins/married Ryoma, Takumi, Hinoka or Sakura will understand why I used quotation marks).

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Community Post: 21 Hilarious Senior Thesis Proposals That Actually Need To Be Written

if you know where this is from good if don't know watch Adam's video of when the SQUIDS kidnap Deadlox and Deadlox has a "hologram" that helped Sky and Truemu


Dan and phil. If they ever stop talking to each other when they are older, like they got in a huge fight years back, I'm going to be so freaking mad. I will literally kidnap them and lock them a closet playing all their videos together on a tv screen. The room would be filled with Pokemon, pics of Simon, fan fiction, and of course, LIONS AND LLAMAS.