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People on kidney dialysis have different vitamin and diet needs than the general population. Dialysis “washes out” some vitamins. Other vitamins may build up in your body to unsafe levels. Your doctor may prescribe a supplement, and it is likely to be a special vitamin just for people on dialysis. Check with your doctor before taking any over-the-counter vitamins, herbal supplements, or folk remedies.


Hemo-Dialysis. How its done. Pinning because it seems like kidney failure is not talked about as much as other diseases. Patients on dialysis typically go to dialysis treatments every other day where they seat hooked up to these machines approx. 3 to 5 hours.


Sick kids create film for others facing kidney dialysis and transplant

The children talk about what to expect from kidney dialysis, with the young girl narrating this segment telling other patients: 'The machine cleans my blood and takes the harmful things out of it'