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Mathea Ford If you have recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, you might be feeling a bit hopeless at the moment. Right after a diagnosis like this, so many people feel hopeless or lost as to what to do next. How exactly can you live with kidney disease? Chin Up The first step to living with kidney disease is realizing that all is not lost. There is still so much you can do to extend your life, health, and comfort that can really be


The kidneys perform a wide range of vital functions in the healthy body, such as: Removing wastes and water from the blood, Regulating water fluid levels, Balancing chemicals in your body, Releasing hormones, Helping control blood pressure, Helping to produce red blood cells, Producing vitamin D, which keeps the bones strong and healthy. More


Mathea Ford Living with a chronic health condition such as chronic kidney disease means making special considerations and planning for your diet and lifestyle. You may need to change your entire way of thinking when it comes to how and what you eat, and you may even be surprised by some of the changes that you have to make. It is imperative that you make the correct dietary choices when you have kidney disease. This is because your diet often imp

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Stage 3 Kidney Disease Diet

Being diagnosed by a disease can turn your life around. But the best way to turn things in your favor even after such instances is by taking good care. Diet is one of those aspects that contribute towards that care. Today we'll deal specifically with stage 3 kidney disease and its dietary plan.

Mathea Ford The world of chronic health conditions is fraught with rules, restrictions, and limitations. It can be difficult simply keeping up with everything that you are supposed to know and do. The list of dos and don ts of eating alone seems endless. Keeping up with food restrictions for chronic kidney disease is very important. The byproducts of everything you eat, after all, are ultimately processed through your kidneys. This is why diet is