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If you have a SMART board or a set of computers for your kids to use, this Discovery Kids Mummy Maker will be a hit! Your kids will walk through the whole mummification process.


is it magnetic? I'm going to do this in the sensory table with black beans as the filler. Kids search for objects and sort based on whether they're magnetic!


150 items to Include in a Discovery Basket. A Discovery Basket or Treasure Basket is a basket that you fill with ordinary non-hazardous items for your child to explore. The theory behind it is that children are naturally inclined to explore and investigate to develop their own understanding and knowledge. Through exploring safe items that stimulate the senses, children are storing and retaining information about texture, taste, sound, appearance and scent.


Montessori Treasure Basket Guest Post

sasha!!! these are just like the sensory bowl you set up 4'ayan!!! 4 Montessori treasure baskets that any baby will love! Also very Froebel! try it! try! it! TRY! IT!