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The story of an underage US Marine who fought in the Vietnam War has been uncovered. Dan Bullock joined the US Marines so that he could join the fight against the Viet Cong during the Vietnam W


George Watson was a private in the United States Army who was killed in action during World War II. He was one of seven African American soldiers to be awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions during World War II, and the only one of the seven to earn his medal while serving in the Pacific Theater.

Youngest Vietnam War US Marine Was 14 Years Old, He Was Killed In Action Age 15 -

Colonel Francis I Fenton, kneels by the body of his son, also a member of the 1st. Marine Division, Michael, a 19-yr-old Scout-Sniper, was Killed in action on Okinawa, May 7, 1945. Colonel Fenton later said the other men who died on Okinawa weren't so fortunate as Mike, who "at least had his father there to pray over his body at the end."


Billy Fiske was the first American to be killed in action during World War II. He joined the British Royal Air Force and died fighting Nazis in 1940 in the Battle of Britain, long before FDR ever asked Congress for a declaration of war.


Māori Battalion performing the Haka in Egypt, 1941. The four men in the foreground are, from left to right: John Manuel (later killed in action), Maaka "Bill" White (later killed in action), Te Kooti "Scotty" Reihana (later wounded), and Rangi Henderson (later killed in action).

Vietnam War Dead Soldier Photography | ... dead American GI who was killed in action during the Vietnam war

Sgt. James A Tyner on patrol near Quang Tri south Viet Nam. This one of the last pictures taken of him as he was killed in action April 15th 1970.


MILITARY MEDALS, MANCHESTER REGIMENT, A Great War Trio awarded to Private Joseph Holmes, 9th Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, late 16th Battalion Manchester Regiment, who was killed in action 22 March 1918, comprising: 1914-15 Star (10143 Pte J. Holmes. Manch, R.), British War and Victory Medals, 1914-1920 (10143 Pte. J. Holmes. Manch. R.); medals officially impressed, group loose. Generally about very fine. (3) Sold with copy MIC, showing him as being killed in action