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14 Times we wished Kim Bum was our boyfriend

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Kim bum - Boys Over Flowers, GOD can you please give me a boyfriend that looks EXACTLY like him? Thank you♡

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ugh again with the pony tail! and he's shirtless! i swear he just wants me to die.

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Kim Bum bazen bir gitar olmak istiyorum.. Hiç değilse senle bir kere de olsa aynı karede yer almak gerçekten... Ama hala ümitliyim.. her ne kadar varlığımdan haberin olmasa da

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Kim Bum Shows Off His Fierce Glare in “Mrs. Cop 2″ Poster Cuts. So Kim Bum is a villain this time....Let that sink in. I saw a comment on another website I thought was well, cute? "He probably tortures his victims by tying them up and smiling at them until they can’t take his cuteness anymore."

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Kim Bum's 30 Dandiest Photos

This actors name is Kim Bum and that's putting a real damper on his face

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