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Christy Carlson Romano is best known for her roles in ‘Even Stevens’ and as the voice of the title character of the animated series ‘Kim Possible.’ Throughout her teenage years she starred in several Disney films before taking on more voice over work. She is well-known for her work on the Kingdom Hearts video games and the film ‘Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children’ where she voiced the role of Yuffie.

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So gayy

But can we remember that the funniest part about him was that even though from all appearances he should have been gay but HE WAS COMPLETELY STRAIGHT I DUNNO THAT JUST MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD.

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I miss the old DISNEY (25 photos)

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13 Reasons Kim Possible Is The Only Role Model You Need

Christy Carlson Romano answered all of your burning "Even Stevens," "Kim Possible" and "Cadet Kelly" questions on Facebook.