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Kindness change

Small acts of kindness change lives. #gandhi For the app of beautiful wallpapers ~ xo

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Sometimes even the smallest acts, are indeed acts of bravery and kindness. Be mindful. You never really know the internal magnitude of another person's actions or there meaning to them. ~BlackCat

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your FAVORITE enchilada at home (trust me

It really can change everything!

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Opinions are subjective; they are not without value, but they do not take the place of facts, kindness, reality, or objective thought.

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By Rachael Marie. "Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips will praise You." - Psalm 63:3

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Top 10 kindness Quotes

Ain't that the truth. YOU have the power to make another's day awesome. Forget your own troubles and lift up someone else and you'll find your own day better as a result.

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Surprising Effects Of Kindness

This is what impresses me the most.. Not someone's job or how much they can spend on clothes.. Little things that they do for others that they don't have to do.. Like leaving a bigger tip for the waiter, buying someone Starbucks, listening to someone who needs to get things off their chest, leaving your mailman cookies at Christmas, volunteering to help others, etc.. This is what matters and this is what impresses me. When people do little things for other people and don't boast about it…

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