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You can probably already tell that your cats have distinct personalities. Kind of like people. They’re people-kitties. It makes sense then, that there will be other cat personalities that they just don’t mesh with. But good news: There are basic, cut-and-dry steps everyone can (and should) take that will help all the cats in your lives get along swimmingly. #cats #catbehavior

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19 Pictures Of Cats Looking Cozier Than You'll Ever Be

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Anyone know what kind of cat this is his name is river -

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amazing, fluffy, beautiful, cute kitty kartäuser british kurzhaar cats_of_instagram From @willowsparty ----

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Tortoiseshell Cat Ornament, Tortie Cat, Felt Tortoiseshell Cat, Cat Christmas Ornament, Valentine Gift

This charming kitty cat measures approx. 4 high x 3 1/2 wide. It is hand cut and sewn and lightly padded with fiberfill. The cats listed are my own design and cannot be an exact replica of every kind and color of cat. I have therefore taken an artistic abstract interpretation of some of the more well known type of cats. The heart button represents the kitty cats love for its guardian. For the torti cat whose main colors are black and red, I have used circles (for a touch of whimsy) to i...

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Lmao so true, it's kind of annoying tho if I was a leader I would only help my clan, but yea sometimes u kind of have to help like bringing back wind clan.

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Lovely lynx out in the beautiful old forest as it should be! Such beautiful cats, lynx.

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Cat of the Day ♥

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So me and my classmate friends started a RP Blood Clan based of Warrior cats but we have a different story about us I'm Scourge the 1st leader my BFF is Ruby 2nd leader and the Lead warrior is Bone(another one of my friend)

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