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The most common symptom of any kind of snake envenomation.[10][11][12] However, there is vast variation in symptoms between bites from different types of snakes.[10]


Elsa Peretti’s idea for Snake came from a rattlesnake tail given to her by a Texan as a good luck charm. “I thought Americans had to be brave, having these kinds of snakes in their backyards”

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What you need to know about snakes

Photo by Stephen GrossmanThere are many different poisonous snakes. Know the kinds of snakes you have in your area and what the poisonous ones look like. It’s not always easy to tell what kind of snak

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Men's Brown Leather Shoes, Snake Skin, 12 - SHOE BLOWOUT

wish I knew what kind of snake lost its skin and where these were made


S IS FOR SNAKE There were so many options for S it was super hard to choose so in the end I just opted for the most colorful option I could find. Choosing a snake I then landed on this bright green little guy who I think is a Chinese rat snake though I rather improvised my way through his creation. Im not really a fan of snakes usually but this one seemed rather cute as snakes go so I decided to #doodlewash him. This kind of snake apparently feeds mainly on rats and other rodents so thats…

"Captive snake without male companion gives birth – again": Yellow - bellied water snake gives birth after being alone for eight years, doesn’t need men" - - - "This kind of reproduction [parthenogenesis w a polar body acting as the spermatozoan for this snake] is most common in certain insects, birds and reptiles. Rare occurrences have been documented in other kinds of snakes, including copperheads, cottonmouths and Burmese pythons."