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Pectoral Featuring Nut Nut is shown here as a woman with vulture's wings outspread to symbolize her function as a protectress. It is a role that she is often represented as performing on the underside of the lids of coffins. All around her body are hieroglyphic inscriptions, of which there are three in all. At the top are the king's throne and personal names, separated by the title "Lord of the Two Lands" followed by "The Great and Glorious Nut," and, beneath the wings of the goddess


Djed-ka-ra was the king's throne name, meaning "Soul of Ra Endureth", or "stability is the soul of Ra". His birth name was Isesi (Asosi). His vizier was Ptahhotep writer of the maxims of Ptahhotep the oldest book in the world.


Open RP, ELIMINATIONS:: The royal family stands lined up on the raised area where the thrones are. The selected are all lined up in front or the stairs, fidgeting nervously. A camera crew points there instruments of mass media at us all. "Welcome," announces the king, " To the eliminations!"