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La Vida de Martin Luther King, Jr. from Teaching With Nancy on - (32 pages) - Welcome to Teaching with Nancy! La Vida de Martin Luther King, Jr. is a mini unit about the life of MLK, Jr. completely in Spanish. Use all the materials or just some of the pages to lead your studen

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It should be a life essential for everyone, like could you imagine going up to random people and just start singing the Lion King song in different languages?!?!<<<that comment :)

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#LionKing I always thought this was way funnier in Spanish: 1: Oigan, ¿y ese puerco? 2:¿Qué has dicho? 3:Oh-Oh. Lo llamó puerco. 4:¿Me hablas a mí? 5:No sé nada. 6:¡¿Me hablas a mí?! 7: Se armó la gorda. 8:¡Yo soy un cerdo decente, no soy un puerco! <<<<< Since I understood that wow. That's awesome

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FREE: In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr's 86th birthday, a coloring sheet in Spanish, French, German and English. Plus, an any-language writing sheet.

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