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Take a stroll through San Antonio's historic King William District, a 25-block area near downtown on the south bank of the San Antonio River. In the late 1800's the King William District was the most elegant residential area in the city.


King William I The Conqueror (1066-1087). House of Normandy. 25th great-grandfather to Queen Elizabeth II. In 1072 William led an invasion that forced King Malcolm of Scotland to surrender hostages and swear fealty. Completed the establishment of feudalism in England, compiling detailed records of land and property in the Domesday Book and kept the barons firmly under control. Died in Rouen after a fall from his horse and is buried in Caen, France. He was succeeded by his son William II.


Stunning architecture of a church in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Can somebody help with the congregation name? Photo by JdB.


Love the big semicircular, double story porches on this large house. A lovely blue accent color that seems to match the roofs, and can't even see the top of its tower. It's in a beautiful setting and has a fun mailbox.