Someday when I'm back in shape I will get something like this.  To the haters. To my best friends. Have fun, be wild. Who cares if they judge you for your tattoos? Your body is your temple, mark it or don't mark it how YOU see fit.

Ignore the fact the lips are in her butt but I do like the bow and diamond sleeve. Also like the lips just not there haha

 Kiss Mark Emoji (U+1F48B/U+E003)

A lipstick kiss on a flat surface. iEmoji old name: Red Lips. It means you want to kiss them or act sexy f.

Lippenstift küssen Frame Hen Party Nacht tun von FancyPantsStoreLtd

Bachelorette gift or even bridesmaid gift! Lipstick Kiss Frame Hen Party Night Do Bachelorette keepsake gift for bride to be game guest book Kiss the Miss Goodbye

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Kiss Mark

Shop Kiss Mark Emoji Classic Round Sticker created by EmojiPrints.

marques Kiss par KOUMI04

Budo classmates always want to steal his girl[no] Riku and Senpai is also Budo's classmate