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*rolls eyes at Phandom* I don't have a problem with people shipping them. I have a problem with people over analyzing everything they say or do. I watched this clip and no it doesn't look like he's going to grab him and kiss him. If Dan and Phil say that Phan isn't real then it isn't real. Please just respect their wishes and back off a little bit


Kiss and Tell (1945) [1 h 30 min] Comedy Shirley Temple, Jerome Courtland, Walter Abel, Katharine Alexander Director: Richard Wallace; Writers: F. Hugh Herbert, F. Hugh Herbert IMDb user rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7.4/10 (53 votes) Corliss Archer, 15, and Mildred Pringle, 17, are best friends, and get into some mischief together which causes their parents to start fighting over who is a bad influence on whom. Their fight also has an affect on Mildred and L


If your One Direction board doesn't have a picture of Niall doing his "chinny chin chins" than it is not complete . . .