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I am currently working on the design of an exciting new Asian Fusion restaurant which is going to have an open kitchen, so I thought I would workshop this one out loud a bit. With all the saturatio...


this is kind of what I want the kitchen to look like. OK-maybe the pantry. Like Willy Wonka -or Dr Frankenstein should cook there. At any rate, Gene Wilder should be at home.


German kitchen manufacturer bulthaup… has radically rethought the traditional concept of a kitchen. Starting from the philosophical origins of every living space – fire and water points – bulthaup has created an open and mobile kitchen that can be added to and composed to suit each individual’s personal requirements.


bulthaup b2 is the logical continuation of the kitchen workbench. It defines the "kitchen workshop" in its original meaning - comprising a workbench for the fire and water point; the kitchen tool cabinet for crockery, cooking tools, spices and food; the appliance housing cabinet for the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. The principle of "clearing away anything superfluous”: All that remains is value - the best materials, the best tools, the best raw materials and the best crockery.

The b2 kitchen is comprised of a workbench, which houses the fire and water point, a kitchen tool cabinet for crockery, cooking utensils, spices and food, and an appliance cabinet, which houses the oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. The storage space has been so cleverly compacted that pull-outs and drawers have been rendered completely unnecessary.


The bulthaup b2 kitchen workshop combines elemental and clear form with rational and practical function. It includes a workbench (with cooktop, prep area and water point), tool cabinets and a horizontal, floating air extractor with lighting system. Photo credit: Dave Burk © Hedrich Blessing 2014 #bulthaup #kitchens #modernkitchens