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Klara Hitler (Polzi) Adolf Hitler's mother....there are a lot of photos attached to this, some very moving and unbelievably sad.


Klara Hitler. The mother of Adolf Hitler, Klara was a mild, loving mother and wife who did all she could to make Adolf's early life as easy and carefree as possible. In return, she seems to be one of the few people Hitler genuinely loved. She died while Hitler was still in his teens,


Her physician who was Jewish, Dr. Eduard Bloch took special notice of the affect upon Adolf Hitler when his mother Klara Hitler later died.

Portraits Of Hitler's Parents Surface, Head To Auction

One-Of-A-Kind Portraits Of Alois And Klara Hitler, Parents Of Adolf (VIDEO)


Alois Hitler. Alois Hitler fue un funcionario de aduanas austriaco, conocido por ser el padre de Adolf Hitler. Fecha de nacimiento: 7 de junio de 1837, Waldviertel, Austria Fecha de la muerte: 3 de enero de 1903, Linz, Austria. Cónyuge: Klara Hitler (m. 1885–1903), Franziska Matzelsberger (m. 1883–1884), Anna Glasl (m. 1873–1883)