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13 Amazing Technological Advances That Are Changing Your World

Fast ACL: a new knee implant that gets you up in no time. | 13 Amazing Technological Advances That Are Changing Your World

(Left) In this x-ray of a normal knee, the space between the bones indicates healthy cartilage (arrow). (Right) This x-ray of an arthritic knee shows severe loss of joint space and bone spurs (arrows)


Total Knee Replacement Surgery -


A traditional plastic and metal knee implant.


ConforMIS Announces Clinical Study iTotal CR Customized Implants better approximate knee motion compared to Off-the-Shelf Total Knee Implant -

Knee Replacement Implants, Implant, Artificial Prostheses, Prosthesis


In the 1960s and 1970s, most believed that total knee implants would last about 10 years. This was one of the reasons that knee replacement procedures were confined to older patients. As time passed, it became apparent that the great majority of knee implants would last approximately 20 years and even longer. Improvements in surgical […]

Side by Side comparison of traditional total knee replacement and iTotal® Patient-Specific Knee Replacement System (ConforMIS). Illustrating alignment issues that customized implants intend to eliminate.


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