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Knife Sharpening Tip From a Master Bladesmith: Apply Adequate Pressure

There’s a big difference between running your knife along a sharpening stone and actually sharpening it. Here’s how much pressure a Master Bladesmith recommends you need when you’re sharpening a knife with a whetstone.

Knife Sharpening Made Easy

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How to Sharpen Knives

Learn how to pull the blade against the steel to sharpen the knife. How to Sharpen Knives:

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Knife Blade Styles - Blade Grinds - Acknowledgements to Spyderco Inc. Golden, CO, USA P.s. simple quest for everyone) Why did Bill die? More

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Sharpening Knives, Scissors and Tools

You don't need a power tool to sharpen hatchets or axes—all you need is a sharp mill bastard file with a handle. Buy a good-quality file, and pick up a file brush while you're at it. Use the file brush to clean the metal filings from the file's teeth to keep it cutting well. Clamp the hatchet, then file the edges, following the original angle. The file cuts only on the push stroke, so don't go back and forth with a sawing motion. Start your stroke on one end of the blade and push the file…

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Cheap Sharpening kit, and a great use for all those guitar picks I fish out of washer and dryer...

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