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This one was from a couple days ago, couldn't get a great picture. #victorianknight #tattoo #illustrative #knight


Knight's Templar walking through a valley of death and desolation. I will be painting this in full color soon.  This was an image I painted that is on a T-shirt from Hold The Line. The shirt i...


A knight in shining armor is a well recognized image across the globe. Those covered in thick armor were known to be warriors, overflowing with courage, honor, and strength. The armor covering these warriors not only protected them from harm, but also usually held symbols of their rank, nationality, and heritage. Today, modern day warriors …


Make your next crafty move a good one with this chess-themed design! Dynamic strokes make up a stylized knight.


2 + Int modifier skill points per level. Lay on Hands (Su): Each day a Paladin can cure a total number of hit points equal to his or her Charisma bonus (if any) times his or her class level, as normal Smite Evil (Su): The epic Paladin adds his or her class level to damage with any smite evil attack, as normal. He or she can smite one additional time per day for every five levels higher than 20th.