How to do various buttonholes,because I've always disliked cast off on row 1 and cast on row 2, it's just so untidy.

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One-row horizontal buttonhole. I've been looking at lots of tutorials for this, and so far, I find this the easiest to understand.

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Knitting one-row button holes: A simple method for creating a button hole in a knitted work. If the button you're using is 4 stitches wide, make a 3-stitch buttonhole; for a 5-st-wide button, make a 4-stitch buttonhole, & etc.

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My favorite knitted buttonhole is the one-row horizontal method because it produces a much neater finish and it is one of the sturdiest of all buttonholes because it does not require additional reinforcement. Just follow my simple steps and you’ll never make a messy buttonhole again! Visit to read on!

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Better Buttonholes - Knitting Daily I just finished tightening up nine buttonholes on my Maple Street Cardigan because they were too big and the buttons were coming undone at inopportune moments. There are a couple of reasons that the buttonholes were too big. First, I used a cotton-blend yarn that stretched a little bit; second, I used a flimsy buttonhole…

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Buttonholes..... all styles illustrated with description from Vogue Knitting ~ this one, two-row buttonhole

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