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Known Unknowns

In the mid 20th century, Francisco Artigas was one of the best known architects in Mexico. Today he is largely unknown. It's time for a fresh look.


Michael J. Coppola (born in May 18, 1946), also known as "Mikey Cigars", is an American mobster and captain in the Genovese crime family. He has been a key figure in the Genovese crime family New Jersey faction. It is unknown if he is related to Michael "Trigger Mike" Coppola, who was also a member of the Genovese family. He made national headlines when he went on the lam for 11 years to avoid a possible murder conviction.

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The Earliest Known Photos of People Smiling


Toi-tah-ner-ew, Chickasaw Indian Policeman, 1890, Duncan, USA, unknown photographer. The girl was I-see-komah but it is not known whether she was is wife, sister, sweetheart or friend. (Photoshopped)

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What Is Needed For Your Hurricane and Natural Disaster Emergency Kit With A Preparedness Checklist

Be prepared for the hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and floods! What is needed to be prepared! From our past experience with Hurricane Ike, it is a known fact a well put together preparedness kit can mean survival or not to survive such a storm or natural disaster of any nature.

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World’s Most Mysterious Manuscript

World’s Most Mysterious Manuscript It’s a book by an unknown author in a language no one understands. Officially, it is known as Beinecke MS 408